We offer the following services

Air Transportation

Whether it's a short trip across town or an international flight halfway around the world, we have a variety of options for your horse.

Ground Transportation

Our drivers have been vetted and are available 24/7, so you can always be sure that your horses will arrive safe and sound.

Quarantine Facilities

We provide safe quarantine facilities for your horses during the duration of their quarantine period.


Experts in all types of horse transportation.

We can say with confidence that there are no better experts in horse transportation to serve you. For over 40 years, our company has provided safe, efficient, and timely travel of both race and show horses to major venues around the world. Thank you for considering Alegre Equine Air.

We are proud of our company's history.

Alegre Equine Air is a specialized horse and animal transport company. We boast more than 40-years as both horse transportation market leaders and pioneers in the animal transport industry.
We take the logistics of horse transportation seriously. You can trust that we know what to do with your prized animals, and will ensure their safety during transport by partnering with only the best in-house shippers, experienced flying grooms, and trusted global equine transport partners.

Planning on flying your horse?

We’ve got you covered. From planning and shipping, to ensuring the safety of your precious cargo  we can do it all.
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